Village to Village:

Get to know Rock Harbor's adopted village of N'gorngori, Kenya

What began as a gift of scarves donated by a few dozen Rock Harbor ladies and delivered by our missionaries to the women of N'gorngori, has blossomed into something much more beautiful. Faithful prayer partners in both California and Kenya, lifting up one another's needs and realizing they''re not as different as they once thought. A commitment to training, ministry and funding, for a future that promises hope for the first time in generations. The adoption of one village by another, separated by thousands of miles yet bonded by the unifying love of God. A connection we call Village to Village.

Questions? Ideas? Words of encouragement?

Please contact Kathleen "KB" Brown, Director of Kenyan Outreach: - 805-701-0596

  • The location

    N'gorngori is over 9,500 miles from Morro Bay, located in the Kapsowar district of Elgeyo Marakwet County in western Kenya. It takes our mission teams about 35 hours to get there, requiring 4 airplane connections and lengthy ground transportation for the final leg.


    The name N'gorngori means "a place of scattered trees," and it's easy to understand why when you see the topography - a high-altitude mix of hills and canyons where only the hardiest species survive. That's true of native wildlife as well, which include antelope, gazelle, hares and dik-diks.

  • The People

    Spread out across N'gorngori's rugged terrain are some 300 households comprising a total population of 1,800 people. High unemployment - especially among young people - has led to rising dropout rates, drug addiction, alcoholism, teen pregnancies and other problems. Those who do work typically eke out a meager living by farming dairy or vegetables, earning an average of less than $1 per day. The village is home to 1 primary school, and there are 9 others in the surrounding region, as well as 3 secondary schools.

  • The Opportunity

    Rock Harbor's adoption of N'gorngori gives us the opportunity to foster a partnership of transformation from Village to Village. Pray about how you might best be involved in this transformation through your:

    • Participation - social media communication & projects that raise awareness
    • Engagement - short-term mission trips & similar kinds of active involvement
    • Ownership - a leadership role that impacts lives at RHCF and N'gorngori
    More specifics will be known & shared after our fact-finding trip to N'gorngori in November, 2019 - watch for details!
  • VIDEO: Women of Change

    Rock Harbor's partnership with ELI and adoption of N'gorngori are resulting in changed lives and new hope for thousands of families in Kenya. Click the image to see how!


    Enjoy this warm welcome from two loved ones in our adopted village of N'gorngori! Click the image to watch the video.